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A Study on the Integrated Process Construction Expenses Management Plan in Public Construction Projects using Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

The most important factor in succeeding public construction projects is time and cost management, and as with the enlargement and advancement of construction projects, the introduction of project management technologies with which to control time and cost more efficiently is urgently required. Public construction projects in South Korea have separated time and cost management in to cost-based management structure and work-based process management structure, which has made it difficult to accurately determine processes and costs. Such an approach compares only the amount in the budget up to a certain point in time of the project and the actually incurred expenses to manage construction expenses, and thus, the work progress planned up to that point and the actual process can only be managed separately. Therefore, the present study aims to propose a work breakdown structure (WBS) in roadwork for an integrated process-cost management in public construction projects, and develop and present a construction management model based on the proposed WBS. Keywords - PMIS, CALS,WBS, EVMS

Author - Seong-Jin Kim, Hyun Ok, Tae-Hak Kim

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| Published on 2018-02-08
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