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Influence of Glass and Ceramic Tile Wastes on the Properties of Concrete

Due to the requirement of preserving current natural resources, there have been efforts to explore alternate appropriate materials for concrete. In this process, waste materials from different industries have been used in concrete as partial replacements to its regular ingredients. This study focuses on the findings of concrete produced with glass and ceramic tile wastes to explore their influence on fresh and hardened properties of concrete. Total number of 63 cubes were prepared and tested. Compressive strengths were calculated at 7, 28 and 63 days of standard curing at varying waste contents as coarse aggregates. It is evident from the results that compressive strength of concrete containing glass waste decreased and containing ceramic tile wastes increased with curing time. The present study discusses the possible utilization of waste ceramic tiles as partial substitution of coarse aggregates in concrete. Keywords - Ceramic Tile Waste, Coarse Aggregate, Compressive Strength, Concrete, Glass Waste.

Author - Samia Tariq

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| Published on 2018-03-23
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