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Volume-7,Issue-5  ( Oct, 2020 )
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Paper Title :
Transportation Policy for Kabul New City

Author :Ahmad Mansoor Stanikzai, Yoshitaka Kajita

Article Citation :Ahmad Mansoor Stanikzai ,Yoshitaka Kajita , (2018 ) " Transportation Policy for Kabul New City " , International Journal of Advances in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IJAMCE) , pp. 37-45, Volume-5,Issue-1

Abstract : This research is a very essential towards transportation planning of Kabul New City. In this research, the travel demand of Kabul metropolitan area (Existing and Kabul New City) are evaluated for three different target years of (2015, Current), (2025, Mid-term) and (2040, Long-term). The outcome of this study indicates that, though currently, the vehicle volume is less the capacity of existing road networks, still Kabul city is suffering from daily traffic congestions. This is mainly due to lack of transportation management, the absence of proper policies, improper public transportation system and violation of traffic rules and regulations by inhabitants. On the other hand, the observed result indicates that the current vehicle to capacity ratio (VCR) which is the most used index to judge traffic status in the city is around 0.79. This indicates the inappropriate traffic condition of the city. Moreover, by the growth of population in mid-term (2025) and long-term (2040) and in the case of no development in the road network and transportation system, the VCR value will dramatically increase to 1.40 (2025) and 2.5 (2040). This can be a critical situation for an urban area from an urban transportation perspective. Thus, by introducing high-capacity public transportation system and the development of road network in Kabul New City and integrating these links with the existing city road network, significant improvements were observed in the value of VCR. Index Terms - Afghanistan, Kabul New City, Transportation Planning, Policy.

Type : Research paper

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Author - Ahmad Mansoor Stanikzai, Yoshitaka Kajita

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| Published on 2018-04-27
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