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The Performance Of IC Engine With (Diesel-Hydrogen) Dual Fuel

The project aims at partial replacement of diesel with the hydrogen in a diesel engine .In the current energy scenario the substitution of diesel with some alternate fuel is significant. Main aim is to produce hydrogen from water by electrolysis. Water is cheap and more available and there by the project aims in producing hydrogen from water by electrolysis and utilizing it in partial substituting of diesel with hydrogen in diesel engine. Production of hydrogen from an electrolytic cell with various types of electrodes are tested by trial and error and found that production of hydrogen from aluminum electrodes was found to be more volumetrically and also advantages in many ways. The gas produced in the cathode was confirmed as hydrogen and combustible. It is mixed with diesel in the inlet manifold of the engine. Comparative load test done with pure hydrogen and diesel and hydrogen in dual mode. Readings are taken for fuel consumption and emission with respects to time at various loads. Keywords- hydrogen, Alternate Fuel, Electrolysis, Electrodes, Fuel Consumption, Emission.

Author - Prithivirajan.K, Prakash.E, Sakthivel.M.

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| Published on 2015-06-17
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