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Optimum Green Design For Conventional RC Beam

In structural designs, it is always aimed to arrive at an economical-cost is the criterion- and adaptable- construction with available materials- cross-sections. But recent emphasis on sustainability and environment has added a new dimension wherein, in addition to economy and adaptability, energy and emission need to be included in design. The aim of this project is to optimize design of RC beams from economic and environmental aspects by using various parameters such as span by depth ratios, grades of concrete, grades of steel etc. As a case study, simply supported rectangular RC beams with a range of varying depths, steel and concrete strengths are analyzed and a quantitative comparison of various aspects of design like weight, cost, safety, energy and emission rate is made to bring out the best design which is green and economically viable. The method utilizes ratios of unit cost, CO2 emission, and/or embodied energy. This approach makes the method more general, and facilitates application of the method to a wide variety of circumstances. In addition to guiding material selection, the method also provides designer a means for quickly selecting near optimum cross section properties. Keywords—Optimize RC beams, Span by depth ratio, CO2 emission, Embodied energy.

Author - Mebanphira Lyngdoh, Akshaya Chandrasenan, Thrangmiki War

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| Published on 2015-06-17
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