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Modeling, Analysis And Optimization Of A Four Cylinder Engine Crankshaft

Crankshaft is large volume production component with a complex geometry in the Internal Combustion (I.C) Engine. This converts the reciprocating displacement of the piston into a rotary motion of the crank. This paper consists of static structural analysis of a four cylinder engine crankshaft. It identifies and solves the problem by using the modeling and simulation techniques. The modeling of the crankshaft is created by using SOLID WORKS software and then simulate the crankshaft for static structural analysis. Finite element analysis is performed to obtain the variation of stress of the crankshaft by using SOLID WORKS software. The objective involves modeling and analysis of crankshaft so as to identify the effect of stresses on crankshaft to compare various materials and to provide possible solution. Von-mises stress induced in the crankshaft is 116.4845 N/m2 and shear stress induced in the crankshaft is 0.0014 N/mm2 in theoretical results. The values of von-mises stress that comes out from the analysis are far less than the material yield stress and so our design is safe. Results obtained from the analysis were then used in optimization of crankshaft. The optimization process resulted in a weight reduction, increased strength and a reduced cost of the crankshaft. Index Terms—crankshaft, SOLID WORKS software, modeling of the crankshaft, optimization.

Author - Aung Ko Latt, Zin Ei Ei Win, Htay Htay Win

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| Published on 2015-06-17
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