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Seismic Resistance Of Precast Concrete Frame Structure With Hollowed Pc Column

There have been many researches to develop a strong and ductile precast concrete (PC) system resisting even strong earthquake. In this manner, this paper introduces a hollowed PC column and the frame system using it. And the structural safety of PC frame building consisted of the hollowed PC columns was evaluated by doing both push-over and dynamic analysis. In the building analysis, main parameter was the rigidity of beam-column joint that need to be considered in the hollowed PC column system. Analysis result gave that the joint rigidity between column and beam affected the overall horizontal behavior of building. The less the joint rigidity, the higher horizontal displacement was shown. This result was also found in the result of dynamic analysis. Index terms-Precast concrete, hollowed PC column, Frame system, Analysis, joint rigidity,

Author - Soo-Yeon Seo, Jae-Yup Kim, Sang-Hyun Noh, Byeong-Hun Park

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| Published on 2016-03-17
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