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Eco Friendly Solutions For Geosynthetics Applications by Embodied Energy & Co2 Emission Calculations

Geosynthetics are the natural or artificial products used along with soil in geotechnical constructions. They have provided innovative solutions to solve difficult problems economically. These are put into application without being aware of their ecological impact. Majority of research in this field is focused on different applications or alternative solutions but there is no analysis of their impact on environment. This paper emphasizes on this critical issue and provides the best available option to go for in order to reduce harm being incurred to nature. This has been brought about by calculating (i) Embodied energy (ii) Carbon dioxide emitted, during manufacture by various methods from several materials. Index Terms— Geosynthetics, Eco friendly, Embodied energy, CO2 emission.

Author - Asish Yadav Madala, Kalyan Reddy Pesaru, Chinmayee Jonnalagadda

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| Published on 2016-12-27
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