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A Study on the Stability Evaluation Methods of Road Facilities Using Weather Big Data

Social interest and demand on safety are soaring, and the issue of securing transportation stability is has become a priority. A system that can objectively evaluate structural stability as well as conduct effective maintenance needs to be developed. Also, as the big data with huge data generated in a rapid speed are available, an algorithm that can objectively evaluate and estimate the stability of road facilities needs to be developed. Therefore, a stability evaluation method of road facilities using weather big data was suggested. The effectiveness of the suggested method was verified through the stability analysis of road facilities using weather big data. In this study, the structural stability was analyzed by using the wind speed data of the mobile observation vehicle system and those observed by KMA. The structural stability analysis on the road signs using the wind speed data of the mobile observation vehicle system and KMA showed similar results, but the failure ratios due to instantaneous gusty winds showed much difference. It is expected that the stability of road users will be increased, and the national demand for safety will be met. Index terms- Weather Big Data, Road Facility, Structural Stability Evaluation, Mobile Observation System

Author - Sung Hong Ki, Jung In Taek, Chong Kyu Soo

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| Published on 2016-12-27
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