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Effect of Particle Size Zro2 in the Nano and Micrometer Scale on Wear Behavior of the Arbed Composites Al-1%Wt.Zro2

The effect of particle size of ZrO2in the Nano and micrometer scale on wear behavior of the ARBed composite Al-1%wt.ZrO2, has been investigated in this research. The phase matrix in the composite was aluminum 1050 and zirconia powder has been used as the reinforcing phase. The effect of zirconia particle size, 4μm and 40nm on wear behavior of the composite has been studied. Wear distance, the force applied by a steel pin on the specimens and disk rotation speed were 100 m, 0.5 N and 0.08 m/s, respectively. Comparing results of the test on specimens with particle size 4μm and 40nm, with 7 cycles of rolling, shows that the coefficient of friction decreased from 0.57 to 0.49 with decreasing particle size of zirconia, due to the increase in bond strength with increase in matrix, causing an increase of wear resistance. Keywords: Wear, Metal Matrix Composites, Aluminum-Zirconia Composite, Accumulative Roll Bonding (ARB) process.

Author - Hamid Omidvar, Hossein Karami Pabandi

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| Published on 2016-12-27
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