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Fabrication, Characterization And Damping Studies Of A2024/Cu Particulate Reinforced Composites For Naval Applications

Work has been carried out to study the upshot of alloying constituent dispersal in the base metal by using composite manufacture method. Al–Cu composites (5–15 wt%) are prepared by vortex method by dispersing copper powder in molten A2024 alloy. Results are compared with the alloy having same concerto. Composites with 5, 10, 15% by weight were also compared. The hardness and compressive strength of the composites were determined as a function of the copper powder content. The best results were achieved with the aluminum composites with A2024 alloy. Deformation and flow studies were carried out and the results were compared with finite element methods in terms of compressive and hydrostatic stresses. Key words- Vortex method Aluminium A2024 alloy

Author - M.Haribabu, P.Chandrasekhar, D.Venkatesh

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| Published on 2017-06-23
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