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Motivational Factors – A Study on Civil Construction Employees

This study was to identify and investigate the factors associated with employee motivation factors of the civil construction workers and to assess the role of work motivation on employees’ performance. In India, the size of employment in construction industry is next only to the agricultural sector. The self-report questionnaire survey was carried out for a total of 150 employees of which 114 responses consisting of site engineers, site supervisors and senior engineers were used for the analysis. These employees belong to different construction companies spread over the districts of Bengaluru, Mangaluru and Udupi. The responses were formulated based on the Likert scale. The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) was used for all statistical analysis. Furthermore, Cross Tabs was employed to determine whether there is a difference in the motivation dimensions based on biological factors. Descriptive statistics were made for job satisfaction factors, workplace conditions, dimension of decision making, compensation (payment), recognition and benefits, promotion and perceived organizational support. Three hypothesis were formulated and tested. The top five motivational factors found were ‘Perceived organizational support’, ‘Promotion’, ‘Recognition and benefits’, ‘Overall job satisfaction’ and ‘Payment’. Index terms- Motivation factors, Civil Construction, Likert scale, Descriptive statistics, Hypothesis

Author - B.Prakash Rao, K.Gautham Hegde

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| Published on 2017-11-23
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