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An efficient Experimental Setup for rapid assessment of rebar corrosion in Reinforced Concrete structures

Durability of concrete infrastructures is a major concern worldwide and subsequently been the dominant cause for structural service life issues in Bangladesh, where poor design and quality control is often prevalent. Deterioration of durability results in crack formation, leading to loss of structural strength and corrosion of embedded reinforcement, especially in coastal areas due to persistent high-saline conditions. This necessitates the assessment of the extent of damage of structures, to prevent any probable sudden failure. In this research, an experimental setup has been designed to investigate the accelerated corrosion phenomenon of reinforced concrete, using half-cell potentiometer. It is a simple, portable, low-cost, non-destructive test setup suitable for a developing country like Bangladesh. During the experiment, corrosion of the reinforced samples had been observed by varying aggregate type and reinforcement diameters. The outcome of the experiment has been promising, with corrosion occurring at a rapid rate, and potential readings that can be correlated with the level of corrosion, signifying potential damages. Index Terms - Corrosion in RC, half-cell potentiometer, low-cost setup to assess corrosion

Author - Bayezid Baten, Md. Jihan Hasan, Baishakhi Bose, Tanvir Manzur

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| Published on 2017-11-23
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