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Economic Appraisal of Concrete Pavement in Road Construction (A Case Study of Using Concrete Grade 30 as A Pavement Material)

Roads and Highways are vital lifelines. Roads are needed for accessibility and for transporting of people, goods and services. Roads are therefore needed for socio-economic purposes. This research aims at assessing the suitability of concrete grade 30 as a pavement material in road construction. The objectives of the research is to carry out investment appraisal on road project undertaken using concrete pavement, determine the lifecycle costs and their initial cost of road constructed using concrete grade 30. The findings were as follows ; the initial cost of the asphalt pavement was GHS 1,566,766.20 per kilometre. The lifecycle costs of concrete pavement was GHS 1,671,136.68. Investment appraisal methods were also favourable for the concrete pavement. Keywords: Road, Highway, Investment Appraisal, Pavement.