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Literature Review on Effect of Variation in Geometry & Seismic Zones on RCC Elevated Water Tank Under Dynamic Loads

All over the world, it has been observed that the elevated water tanks were collapsed or heavily damaged during the earthquakes are, because of unsuitable design or wrong selection of supporting systems and underestimated demand or overestimated strength. Also one of the causes of failure was, failing of bracings under shear causing increase in moments in column leading to the formation of plastic hinges in columns. So it is very important to study the response of elevated water tank to the dynamic forces. This literature work provide an idea of different aspects of circular and square Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) elevated water tanks which can be studied to increase the sustainability and stability. Also it enlighten the aspects that remain untouched. The revised Indian code IS:875(Part-III):2015 need to be studied while designing the water tank so as to incorporate the effect of cyclonic wind factor to obtain the natural time period, lateral displacement and base shear of different water tank models. Keywords- Elevated water tank, seismic performance, lateral displacement, base shear, response spectrum analysis