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Effect of Height to Lateral Dimension Ratio on Dynamic Behaviour on RCC Square Silo

This research work provides an idea of effect of height to lateral dimension ratio on dynamic behaviour on reinforced cement concrete (RCC) square silo. IS: 4995 (Part-I): 1974use for calculate the load intensity of silo as per Janssen’s theory and IS: 4995 (Part-II): 1974 use for design criteria of silo. Response Spectrum Method and Wind analysis is use for analysis the square silos. As per IS: 1893 (Part-I): 2016 different seismic zone are consider i.e. Zone-III and Zone-V and as per IS: 875 (Part-III): 2015 wind analysis considered for studied of considered silos. The square silo model and analysis is carried out in STAAD Pro. Lateral displacement and base shear obtained for various height to lateral dimension ratio of silos. It is seen that in Zone-V earthquake load is a part of critical load combination but in Zone-III if height to lateral dimension ratio increases then the effect of wind load appear in critical load combination. For higher seismic zone and if height to lateral dimension ratio increase base shear is also increase. Keyword - Base Shear, Lateral displacement, Response Spectrum Method,Square RCC Silo, STAAD Pro, Wind Analysis.