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Effect of SMA Fibers on Recycled Fine Aggregate Concrete and Electromagnetic Water

In this study, the use of randomly distributed shape memory alloy (SMA) fibres in concrete is studied. Natural fine aggregate (NFA) is replaced by recycled fine aggregate (RFA) by 50% and 65% respectively. As the water available at the site is not in good conditions and affects the strength properties of concrete, it is electro magnetized. Five types of cube and cylinder specimens are prepared. First specimen is a plain concrete beam that serves as benchmark. Remaining specimens include 50% and 65% RFA, with and without 1% SMA fibers. These mix proportions are with and without electromagnetic water for comparison. The SMA fibers are of diameter 0.60mm and 30mm diameter. Workability is tested by slump cone test, compressive and split tensile tests after 7 and 28 days respectively, flexural strength is found out based on the formula in co-relation with compressive strength and crack width closing ability is checked using a Vernier Caliper. Overall results show that the use of electromagnetic water instead of normal water significantly helped in increasing the strength of concrete. SMA fibers helped in increasing the tensile strength and re-centering ability of concrete as well as the overall strength of the concrete. The partial use of recycled fine aggregate did not decrease the strength of the concrete. In fact, it increased the strength of the concrete up to 50% replacement of NFA with RFA. Keywords - Shape memory Alloy [SMA], Fiber Reinforced Concrete[FRC], SMA Fiber, Recycled Fine Aggregate [RFA], Natural Fine Aggregate [NFA], Electromagnetic Water