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Mathematical Solutions for Mean Radiant Temperature Calculation in a Rectangular or Non-rectangular Geometry

Thermal environments of human body are affected by the mutual radiate heat exchange among the internal surfaces. This study describes an effective calculation method for view factors between non-rectangular surfaces in non-rectangular enclosures. The impact of room shape and different surface temperatures (windows and floor) on thermal comfort for a human body is estimated by computer simulation. For this purpose are rooms with two different shapes, two different floor surface temperatures, and two different window sizes considered to see the impact. A theoretical procedure for numerical approach of MRT (Mean Radiant Temperature) or OT (Operative Temperature) in rectangular spaces can be found in some literature. Author developed the method and program (COMFORT) for MRT calculation in a non-rectangular space. MRT distribution is provided as a function of the boundary condition of a model room and room shape. Key words - Angle factor, Mathematical solution, Geometry, Non-rectangular.