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Strengthening of Fisherman's Settlement Potentials in Mangrove Touristm Area

The fishermen’s settlement at the East Coast Surabaya, has a strategic role to develop and support the existing tourist attraction of the area. From the identification of potential of this area obtained: natural landscape, socioeconomic condition and built environment, where the settlement area "Gunung Anyar Tambak" can act as the gate and become a unity with the Anyar Mangrove Tourism area. In addition, the potential of existing areas still need to be strengthened through both top down and bottom up approach that are based on community participation and combined with the Surabaya city government program. Potential strengthening focuses on providing attractions, amenities, accessibility and anciliary. Which aims to change the image of the area in order to improve the branding of new tourism and the area as well Keywords: Strengthening The Potential, Potential Of The Area, Fishermen's Settlement.