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Roof-Level Solar Chimneys as a Passive Design Measure in Tropical Climates

Solar chimneys have been the source of many studies and research but have not yet been fully implemented as a passive design measure in tropical climates. Solar chimney provides a way to bring natural ventilation in a room by forced convection leading to cross ventilation. A solar chimney can be the solution to replace air conditioning systems in buildings and hence lead to significant energy savings. Tropical climates are especially high consumers of air-conditioning as year-round cooling load requirements crop up in certain regions. In this paper, the advantages and disadvantages of solar chimneys are presented and the practicability to use a solar chimney in a tropical climate is assessed using Mauritius as a case study. The design parameters of the solar chimney to achieve adequate air movement will be presented such as the height, length and other building parameters. In addition to providing cooling in the warmer coastal areas, the flexibility to use solar chimneys to provide heating for the cooler central region of the island will also be discussed.