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Post-Disaster Prioritization of Bridges for Damage Inspection and Rehabilitation

Management of existing bridges has become a major social and economic concern in Taiwan. This is due to the critical conditions of bridges driven by post-disaster deterioration and the controlled funds available to timely repair their deficiencies. This paper presents the development of a decision-support model, which proposes a method to facilitate post-disaster prioritization of bridges by virtue of their structural vulnerability and strategic importance to implement damage inspection and rehabilitation. The proposed model is a flexible framework that is applicable to earthquakes, typhoons, and floods events, which involve abrupt damages to transportation facilities where decisions on rehabilitation strategies must be made promptly. Specifically, it provides the user with a simplified and systematic approach to assess bridges by addressing the critical parameters of safety and cost-benefit in prioritizing resources and work allocation. Index Terms— AHP, Bridge Management, Damage Inspection, MR&R, Natural Disaster, Priority Ranking.