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A Study of The Daylight Analysis and Shading Device Proposal for Retrofitting a Classroom

The classroom is most commonly considered space in educational facilities where daylight is often a primary consideration for user comfort. This research paper aimed to propose a visually comfortable environment for the renovation of an educational building by considering daylight distribution in classrooms. The case study was carried out to evaluate the effect of direct sunlight penetration through side and clerestory windows of a selected multi-functional classroom in Uludag University Faculty of Architecture. Shading system was designed according to the Giovani bioclimatic chart and Olgyay’s graphical method of shading mask. Within the scope of this paper, day lighting scenario for 21st March equinox, 13:30 p.m. is presented. Combination of different parameters for shading device design such as material, slat angle and position were modeled and tested by using a simulation tool. Daylight distribution for the base case and retrofit scenario for proposed shading device are explained and compared by the help of figures and tables in the results. Index Terms- Daylight, classroom, shading device, lighting simulations, visual comfort