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Evaluation the Hydraulic Characteristic of Al-Kufa Dam

Dams have multiple types and have many characteristics that affect the stability and efficiency of their work. To study some important hydraulic properties and the extent of their values change each year by studying and analyzing the data and discussing the results to find solutions. This research is specialized in studying an important type of dams, it is the irrigation dam which is of paramount importance because the main objective of the construction of dams is irrigation and regulating the water needed for irrigation through summer and winter. By operation plans based on a central operation policy to meet the water needs throughout the year for the sectors used for water in particular the agricultural sector, which consumes up to 85% of the available water volume. In the short term, a certain volume of storage is considered for the following year in the case of continued shortage of water for a second year. Correct estimation of uplift force and exit gradient is very important in stability analysis of hydraulic structures. In this research, case of study was about al-Kufa dam, by carrying out the high water levels of all piezometers distributed in al-Kufa dam during six months, the uplift pressure was measured by 16 piezometers and head of water was measured at maximum level. As a result, the exit gradient of Lock navigation, power plant and al-Kufa main barrage was 0.11, 0.073 and 0.128, respectively. So factor of safety against piping for all parts of Al-Kufa dam larger than one. Factor of safety against uplift pressure in Lock navigation, power plant and al- Kufa main barrage was 1.6, 3and 4.11, respectively. The results showed that al-Kufa dam is safety against piping and uplift pressure. Keywords - Uplift Pressure, Exit Gradient, Al- Kufa Dam