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Towards an Onto-Classification System for Heritage BIM assets

The research outlined in this paper is part of a series of publications for a funded research initiative to create a classification system for Heritage assets. As previously evidenced by the authors and referenced below, current classification systems in the Engineering and Construction industry to codify and specify components within buildings and assets are suitable for new builds but lack many dimensions required for Heritage assets necessitating the development of a customized classification system for Heritage, utilizing Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes and workflows. However, on further investigation as outlined in this paper, the question arises whether the most suitable system to achieve classifying heritage building components is a classification system or whether others such as thesaurus, taxonomy or ontology systems might be more suitable to encompass the requirements of Heritage assets. Through critical analysis, comparison and examples, this paper will demonstrate reasons for proposing the usage of a mixed system, coined here as an Onto-Classification System. Index Terms - Classification, Heritage BIM, Ontology, Taxonomy, Thesaurus.