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Factors Affecting Construction Industry Development: Relationship with Characteristics of the Business Environment

Construction industry development (CID) is affected by the condition of the business environment it operates in. Therefore, improving CID primarily needs identifying its determinant factors and their relationship with characteristics of the business environment. In this paper, the relationship between factors with business environment is assessed in the context of Ethiopian construction industry focusing on three factors; manpower development, competitiveness of stakeholders and practice of the industry. The findings are based on a structured questionnaire prepared to understand perception of professionals about characteristics of the business environment pertaining to construction industry and the significance of impact of the determinant factors on progress of the industry. Mean value was utilized to rank dimensions of the factors and variables of dimensions of business environment; and correlation analysis was carried out to identify the relationship between the factors and characteristics of the business environment. The findings indicate that there is significant correlation between the factors and the characteristics. It is also found that there is significant correlation among the factors and among characteristics of the business environment. Keywords - Business Environment, Construction Industry, Ethiopia, Factors