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Challenges Associate with the Integration of Renewable Energy Resources with Existing Desalination Plants

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries including United Arab Emirate (UAE) are known as arid and mainly desertic areas. Dubai as the largest city in UAE is dealing lack of fresh water resources. Seawater desalination is an effective way to cope with growing demand for potable water. Desalination of seawater is known as a costly and energy intensive process with substantial carbon footprint. As part of the global trend, integrating of renewable energy resources with desalination technologies is implemented to achieve cost effective and environmentally friendly water supply system areas like Dubai. Evaluating the resilience of desalination plants with a shift from usage of fossil fuels to integration with renewable energy resources is crucial to project the future of this industry. This manuscript aims to conduct initial evaluation and project some features of such a shift in Dubai. The investigation revealed that continuously running desalination plants may not operably couple with locally viable renewable energy resources. The evaluation justifies daytime desalination due to limitations associated with supplying renewable energies for nighttime desalination. The evaluation identifies more resilient desalination technologies when running intermittently on available renewable energies. Keywords - Distillation, Membrane, Solar Energy, Intermittent Desalination, Sustainability