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A New Approach for Analyzing Connectivity in Atria

Traditional observation analysis techniques are widely used by researchers to analyze public spaces, in terms of visibility, and movement patterns. This paper focuses on developing a new methodology for evaluating and analyzing visual and physical connectivity inside atrium spaces using two different techniques. It was conducted using a hybrid system of analysis, which merges traditional observation analysis technique, with Space Syntax analysis using Depthmap software. Both analysis techniques were applied on two atria inside "City Stars Mall" shopping center, located in Cairo city. The first atrium has a larger scale, while the second has a smaller scale. The study highlights the importance of applying Depthmap analysis technique along with observation method to assist and validate the results. Results show that Depthmap analysis technique is better in smaller scaled atrium spaces, while observation is more realistic in larger scaled spaces. However, the paper proves that in order to reach a clear and accurate analysis, both techniques must be applied together for accurate and reliable results. Index Terms- Atrium, Observation, Depthmap, Connectivity.