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Geotechnical Engineering Behavior of NMR Mine Area

Waste management issue in mining industry has become increasingly important. In this regard, construction of tailings embankment or dams play an important role. Most of the tailings dams require some kinds of remedial actions during their operational life time, wherein PT Newmont Minahasa Raya (NMR), a mine company in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, has established a new forest covering 215 ha aimed at functioning as a rainwater catchment area to recharge associated groundwater systems. Two different material models were utilized during the finite element computations, comparing the performance of the more advanced constitutive Soft Soil material model, (Soft Soil Model, SSM) against the Mohr-Coulomb material model (Mohr-Coulomb Model, MCM) commonly used today. Practical geotechnical analysis of the stability of embankment, reservoir or dams construction is done by using a computer program Plaxis calculations based on the Finite Element Method for analyzing the value of deformation with stage construction phases of time consolidation to height of slope and value safety factor of MCM and SSM. Keywords- Geotechnical, Engineering, NMR, Mine Area.