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Verify The Mechanism of Failure of IBS System through Finite Element Simulation at Nonlinear State

Even though, the level of IBS method of construction is very low as compared to the conventional. IBS method have a lot of multiple benefit. A different opinion among consultants and construction players causing unprecedented reduction of use of IBS and production of component. It may be due to a low performance and failure of IBS system in earthquakes in the past. Lacking of the knowledge on the behavior of IBS connection especially at nonlinear state has decrease the confident level of construction players. This research intends to establish a reliable and accurate nonlinear behavior of IBS beam and also identify limit state of IBS beam and its load capacity. Current attempt to study simulate the connection of this IBS system with Nonlinear Finite Element Method by use ABAQUS software to identify the maximum strength of beam and failure mechanism at nonlinear state of material confirm the applicability of the proposed simulation by comparing the predicted behaviors experimental. Keywords- Mechanism of Failure, IBS System, Finite Element, Nonlinear State