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Effect of Shear Stirrups in the Corbel Beam Behavior: Analysis using a Novel Strut and Tie Model

Reinforced concrete corbel beams (span to depth ratio of a corbel is less than one) are designed with primary reinforcement bars to account for bending moment and with the secondary reinforcement placed parallel to the primary reinforcement (shear stirrups) to resist shear force. It is interesting to note that most of the available analytical procedures employ empirical formulas for the analysis of reinforced concrete corbels. In the present work, a generalized were employed for the analysis of reinforced corbel beams. The models were benchmarked against experimental results available in the literature. It was shown here that increase of shear stirrups increases the load carrying capacity of reinforced concrete corbel beams. Keywords - Reinforced Concrete; Strut And Tie; Corbel Beam