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A Theoretical Review of Construction Project & Precast as a Probable Solution for Delay in it

This paper represents a theoretical literature review on the current scenario in the construction industry, which is adopted in infrastructure project. It have been noticed that in the construction industry the completion time of a project is mostly delayed and wrongly estimated, which causes over budgeting. Not adopting the right approach while working on an infrastructure project which affects the growth of the company. In a developing industry, we need to provide the best quality, keeping the completion time to minimum. The Precast construction technique can be an alternative to overcome its need. Hence, it’s necessary to know the fundamentals associated with it. Thus, by viewing the past research, we can recognize the cause of delay and problems connected with industry and providing a cost-effective, speedy construction at infrastructure project. Keywords- Current Scenario, Precast, Cost-Effective, Speedy Construction, Technique