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Influence of the Addition of Bottom Ash from Biomass Combustion on the Selected Properties of Clay-Ash Composite

In this work the results of the research regarding the influence of the addition of bottom ash (coming from the combustion of biomass alone in the fluidised-bed boiler) to clay on the selected physical and mechanical properties of obtained composite are discussed. The tests were carried out on the samples, in which the contents of bottom ash in relation to clay ranged from 5 to 15%. The absorbability, open porosity, apparent density, compression strength and freeze resistance have been determined. The obtained test results indicate that the increase of the contents of bottom ash coming from the combustion of wood with the addition of coconut shells in clay-ash composite causes the increase of open porosity, absorbability and compression strength, but it decreases the freeze-thaw resistance. Keywords- Bottom Ash, Biomass, Red Ceramics, Environmental Protection