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Understanding Evidence-Based Design as an Innovative Approach in Healthcare Settings: Evidences from Empirical Research Literature

Healthcare designs have experienced tremendous growth in innovative design approaches and design practice including evidence-based design (EBD). Designers have moved progressively closer to the future, taking into consideration the needs of users and new dimensions in the changing landscape of healthcare.EBD has made remarkable imprints in healthcare design and other design disciplines, with a specific interest centered on the end users. This review paper is aimed at understanding EBD and its role as an innovative design approach in healthcare settings. A qualitative method of research using literature survey was used in this study. The results of this review revealed that, adopting EBD approach to the design of healthcare facilities can offer opportunities toalleviate stress, improve job satisfaction and increase general wellness outcomes in healthcare ecosystem. Keywords - Evidence-based Design, Healthcare, Design Process, Wellbeing, Healing Environment.