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Integrated usage of GIS & IoT to Develop a Web based Monitoring Pipeline System for Gabbur 24/7 Zonal Plan

Hubli-Dharwad has an efficient 24/7 water distribution pipeline design, which is even implemented successfully over the place. Inadequacies in water distribution and improper management of its distribution facilities are commonly attributed to the lack of functional management system. In Gabbur, Hubli, this has been identified as a major issue facing water distribution agencies. A system must therefore be built to enhance the distribution of services and promote infrastructure retention. Following study demonstrate the application of Geographic Information System (G.I.S.) and Internet of Things (IoT) in order to monitor the 24/7 water pipeline system in Gabbur. A number of datasets such as design plan, map of existing water pipelines, coordinates of each feature were used to carry out the study. They have been used to characterize the delivery site in a spatial manner and to evaluate the current service position of the region. In the Q-GIS environment, existing maps and data layers were processed and analyzed. Geo-referenced maps and digitalized maps were also created and shapefiles continuously updated into Google database. In order to create a web system, a publicly available database was created for accessing the pipeline system in Q-GIS environment. An IoT model has been proposed to monitor the pipeline system. Result being a web-based GIS map of water pipeline system was created and with the help of IoT, it has been made smart. Hence, for an efficient monitoring and maintenance of 24/7 water pipeline system, an IoT based GIS map can be an effective tool. Keywords - GIS, Internet of Things, 24/7 Water Pipeline System.