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Role of Interior Factors on user Performances in Fitness Center

Obesity in India is another nutritional problem that has raised rapidly affecting the country’s population owing to urban life style trends of unhealthy processed food and moving towards accessibility of India’s integration with global food market. The prevalence of obesity has doubled in the recent decade amongst the age group of 14 – 60 globally resulting in various health conditions like diabetes, hyper tension, cardiovascular disease, certain extent of cancer and hepatic steatosis. The consequences are the booming of various anti – obesity trends like fitness centers/gymnasiums, slimming services, food supplements and Ayurveda treatment are practiced in market aimed at obesity prevention source. It is observed that fall in Physical activity is the vital reason to global obesity prevalent. Being reasonably active for minimum half an hour of a day can reduce the possibility of obesity. One such space that contributes to be a prevention source is the Fitness center / Gymnasium. Statistics denote that there is a recent rise in total number of membership in fitness centers over the past few years. However, the space needs to be designed considering customer focus in order to uplift their performance. In the above context, this paper aims to study the interior factors that influences the user performance at gymnasium while planning and designing a gym in Indian context. An exploratory research is conducted with visual surveys and focus group discussions involving Physicians, Trainers, Members, and Proprietor of Fitness center. The above study targets on users above 18 only. Designing a gymnasium is proposed keeping in the requirement of user responses to space and interior parameters. Keywords - Fitness Center, Interior Factors, Obesity, User Response.