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Temporal Variability of Chemical Characteristics of SLUDGES Incinerated Ashes

Sludges incinerated ashes (SIA) chemicals characteristics, particularly phosphorus and metal trace elements (MTE) concentrations, are the principal factors limiting their agricultural recycling potential. Chemical properties of SIA vary widely from one another, and this variability may have significant consequences on their recycling in agriculture. Seasonal variability of SIA chemical characteristics has been studied from 2009 to 2015. These SIA come from a mono-incinerator located at Longueuil in the province of Qu├ębec, Canada. Results show that SIA phosphorus and MTE concentrations vary widely within and among years. Highest phosphorus concentrations were found during the winter seasons, and lowest concentrations during spring. Compared to phosphorus, MTE concentrations variability was lower, except for Pb, Cd and Zn. SIA MTE concentration is generally within the quality criteria for land application. Keywords - P Fertilizer, Metal Trace Elements, Seasonal Variability, P Recycling, Sewage Sludge Ash, Biosolids.