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Enhancement of Index & Engineering Properties of Black Cotton Soil using RHA & WHA Including Lime

In India, one-fifth of our land area is covered by Black Cotton Soil which is also known as expansive soil. These soils are mostly found in arid and semi-arid regions. These soils are found to be highly problematic in constructional activities. It causes severe damages to the structure because of its alternate swelling and shrinkage nature. This happens due to alternate drying and wetting of soil. To avoid these circumstances, soil must be stabilized and strength is to be increased. . In present investigation the type of solid wastage materials namely RICE HUSK ASH (RHA), WHEAT HUSK ASH (WHA) is selected to study the effects of the index and engineering characteristics of problematic soil LIKE BLACK COTTON SOILS. In order to utilize the rice husk ash & wheat husk ash for the improvement of problematic clay a detailed programmed studies have been formulated. In the longer term, LIME STABILIZATION provides performance benefits that reduce maintenance costs. In addition to stabilization of new materials, lime is an excellent choice for the reclamation of road bases. In this project work black cotton soil has been used for which soil stabilization has been done using Rice Husk Ash & Wheat Husk Ash with some percentage of lime content mixed in the soil to impart durability. Here, Index properties and Engineering properties of soil has been found out by using these above agricultural waste materials. Keywords - Soil Stabilization, Black Cotton Soil, Index & Engineering Properties of Soil, Rice Husk Ash, Wheat Husk Ash, Lime Stabilization