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Bondgraph Modeling of Dynamic Interaction between the Concrete Slab and Subgrade for High Speed Track

In the last few years there has been a major shift from petrol, diesel vehicles to electric vehicles and other alternate fuel vehicles, because of the limited availability of fossil fuels. High speed train is one such example of electric vehicles, that have witnessed an increasing demand in present times, especially in urban cities, due to its various advantages, namely, ease of use, economical, time saving, and comfortable. As a result of these factors, analysis and study of such systems, for their optimal performance and more economical operation, is of paramount concern. The present study is aimed to elucidate the effect of vehicle speed on the deflection between the concrete slab/subgrade contact, and track components. The interaction between the slab and the subgrade, affects the safety and comfort of the vehicle. The dynamic analysis of a three-dimensional, modal Bond graph model of the high-speed track components is carried out in this article. The concrete slab is modelled as a Euler-Bernaulli beam, and the beam is divided into 5 nodes. Two parallel slabs are joined with cement-asphalt mortar between them. The hence developed model is then simulated for train velocities ranging from 200kmph to 500kmph. The bond graph modelling and its simulation, is performed using SYMBOLS SHAKTI software. Keywords - Bond Graph Modelling, Wheelset, Lateral Dynamics.