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Evaluation of the Implementation of Fire Safety Management Based on Work Breakdown Structure Affecting the Insurance Premium Costs of High-Rise Hotel

The number of high-rise hotel in Jakarta is increasing, creating challenges for fire safety management. Hotel fires in Jakarta almost occur every year and cause substantial loss to buildings and casualties, which proves that the fire safety management in hotel buildings in Jakarta is not optimal. In achieving fire safety, risk can also be transferred by insurance. However, the amount of insurance from various institutions varies significantly, due to the regulations that has a broad limit. This study aims to propose the determining factor of premiums influenced by the application of fire safety management in high-rise hotel buildings. To meet this goal, a large amount of data is collected through literature studies, surveys, in-depth interviews and research instruments. This study uses work breakdown structure in the breakdown of indicators that meet fire safety management criteria to be more systematic and detailed. Based on the results of the survey, data shows that some high-rise hotels have not fully implement fire safety management. In addition, there is no clear relation regarding the role of insurance in fire protection financing in hotel buildings. To address this, we propose to consider the extent to which high-rise hotels implement fire safety management in determining insurance premium rates to improve the application of fire safety management in high-rise buildings, byprocessing the data using SmartPLS 3.0 and average analysis in order to obtain priority factors in fire safety management which can be used as a determinant of realistic premium costs. As the result, the most priority factor in fire safety managementwhich can be used as a determinant of realistic premium costs is fire prevention in hotel buildings, and the least priority factor is safety of people in the event of fire. Keywords - High-rise Hotel, Fire Safety Management, Fire Insurance Premium