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Strategy Analysis of Maturity Level Improvement due to Construction Company in Indonesia to Reducing Construction Failure Rates

Currently, the growth of construction companies (contractors) is very high due to the large number of developments being carried out in Indonesia. In carrying out development activities, it seems that it does not always run smoothly. Several forms of construction failure occur in Indonesia which causes losses in various aspects and reduces the level of achievement of construction project objectives. From the many causes of construction failure, it can be concluded that the main factor that causes construction failure comes from the negligent role of Human Resources (HR), both during the planning, implementation and supervision processes that affect the project directly or indirectly. This research will discuss about measuring the maturity level of a construction company, the variables that influence it, and strategies to increase the maturity level of the company to reduce the level of construction failure that occurs in the future. Keywords - Maturity Level, Construction company, Construction failure, Strategies