Paper Title
Modeling of Water Distribution Systems

Abstract - The paper deals with the modeling of water distribution systems networks i.e. the governing equations of water distribution systems networks in a steady state flow, the quantities describing it’s state as well as numerical example. It also describes the VDM-based simulation of parameter modification, how to calculate the water head distribution by superposing the nonlinear response and the residual response modeling the modification through the virtual distortion. It shows how to simulate the non-linearity of constitutive relation (between flowrate and headloss) through virtual distortion, with demonstrative example. The WATNET-M algorithm description demonstrative example is presented as well.The main originally solved research problems are demonstrated in the paper are application of the Virtual Distortion Method to modeling of non-linearities and design modifications in water distribution systems networks and development of the numerical tool WATNET-M for efficient analysis of water distribution systems.The experimental verification shows the convergence of the obtained by the in-house engineering program WATNET-M, with respect to the water head distribution at the network's nodes. Keywords - Water, Distribution Networks, Modeling, Virtual Distortion Method.