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The Design of the Interior Space Extended by Color Emotions from the Works of Painter with Training in Architecture, Nicoleta Vacaru

Abstract - The research presents the effectiveness of the studied theme through the interaction of visual arts with interior space design. The study focuses on conscious development and critical thinking on the development of emotional form and expression, the ensemble of artistic discourse consisting of paintings and graphics performed over time by the painter-architect Nicoleta Vacaru and embedded in the design of the interior space through a stylistic harmonization.The paper follows two directions for analysis. First of all, the expressive and artistic creation through painting and graphics, an innovation of technical and material interpretation of the works of the talented painter Nicoleta Vacaru. The genesis of Nicoleta's art exudes sincere and open emotion to the visitor. They are works loaded with a lot of energy and color, like landscape and portraiture in the technique of oil colors and shout art. Finally, interior design has a huge palette of solution, being customized through stylistics and materials, but also art objects. And the contribution of Nicoleta's painting is also the connection of painting with space, but also education through beauty. Therefore, perception for and through art and architecture acquired by the painter Nicoleta Vacaru within the studies of the school of architecture at the Technical University of Moldova. The artist and architect Nicoleta Vacaru already has a value name in the artistic environment in the country and abroad. Keywords - Painting, Art, Interior Design, Space, Technique, Color