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Recycling Spent Coffee Waste for Innovative Thermo-Plasters: Development of a Prototype

Abstract - This paper presents an experimental study aimed at testing the real energy performance of a thermo-plaster prototype made of an ordinary mortar boosted by various percentages of spent coffee ground. That is one of the wastes of the brewing process that are usually disposed of in landfill with great concerns for the possible environmental footprint due to its organic nature and possible harmful components. In this paper, the mortar was manufactured froman ordinary Portland cement and sand, partially substituted by the waste. Specimens characterization is briefly outlined and a careful examination of the thermal properties is carried out. A plastering prototype was manufactured and placed in a simple building model subject to thermal load to test the actual heat flow across the produced finishing layer. Tests demonstrate that the developed product well acts as insulating material with important repercussions on the construction sector in terms of technological innovation and sustainable progress for a more efficient and green architecture in light of the circular economy. Keywords - Cementitious Thermo-Plaster, Prototype Development, Spent Coffee Ground Reuse,Building Energy Improvement.