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Flow and Strength Characteristics of CLSM using Redmud

Abstract - The excavation of soil for the purpose of back filling and trench filling causes a disturbance in the ecology at the site. Hence, a mortar mix which has low strength, good flowablity and self consolidating cementitious material developed for the use of backfilling and road base. It is termed as Controlled Low Strength Material- CLSM. In general CLSM consists of consist of cement, fine aggregate and water. It makes an ideal mix by incorporating wastes generated from industries such as Fly ash, GGBS, Redmud, Rice husk ash etc which solves the disposal problem. In this study, redmud and flyash used as a partial replacement of cement in CLSM. Effect of red mud and flyash as a partial replacement of cement was studied. Experimental work carried for different mix proportions by varying red mud content say 5, 10, 15, 20, 25% by weight as a partial replacement of cement. The flow and strength characteristics of CLSM mix was carried out. The properties of CLSM incorporating red mud satisfied the codal provisions of ACI – 229 R 13 and the results fall with in the acceptable limits. The red mud content up to 15 % replacement shown better strength which can be used for trench filling, backfilling purposes and it had potential for the replacement of cement in the production of CLSM. Keywords - Controlled low strength material (CLSM), Red mud, Flow