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Physiochemical Analysis of Ground Water Quality in Hamirpur City, H.P, India

Abstract - A study of the ground water quality has been carried out to examine its suitability for drinking purposes. Hence, a periodical monitoring and analysis of water quality parameters becomes a vital important, especially in the cities where decomposed leachate threats were elevated. In the present study, a study of the ground water quality has been carried out in Hamirpur City, Himachal Pradesh, India, to examine its suitability for drinking purposes with regards to various standards (BIS, US EPA and WHO). This paper aims to determine physiochemical parameters and analyse ground water quality in Hamirpur City, Himachal Pradesh India. Its objectives to monitor and obtain measurable information on the physical and chemical characteristics of water via statistical sampling during the study period. To Stipulate suggestive measures concerning ground water quality in the concerned study area. This study reveals that groundwater of area is moderate and is dominated by carbonate and bicarbonate anion with calcium and magnesium cations. It is observed that some toxic metals in the ground water which causes to vulnerable in aquatic environment leading to depreciation of water quality and depletion of marine biology. Keywords - Physiochemical, Ground water quality, Statistical sampling, Toxic metals and Hamirpur