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A Study into Environmental Geotechnics: CBR Performance of waste Materials

The main goal of this study is to present an investigation of the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) performances of two waste materials combined in certain proportions. Crushed brick was mixed with rock powder in 0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50% (dry weight of soil). The bearing capacity of rock powder-crushed brick mixtures were evaluated by performing CBR test for both un soaked and soaked conditions. It is observed that the particle size of the brick used in the CBR tests plays a key role on the experimental results. The governing role of the coarse brick material in mixtures led to a fluctuating trend in CBR values under soaked conditions. On the other hand, the sharp decrease in CBR performance of mixtures with 40% and 50% crushed brick addition in un soaked conditions indicates that the optimal dosage is exceeded in crushed brick addition. The CBR performance evaluation of these two waste materials will guide future studies on their applicability in road pavement applications. On the other hand, the reuse and recycling of rock powder and crushed brick would help to mitigate the negative environmental impact of these two waste materials on the environment. Besides, the high usability potential of these two waste materials as raw materials would significantly benefit the solution of today's critical problems such as global warming, climate change, waste management and environmental pollution. Keywords - California Bearing Ratio, Rock Powder, Crushed Brick, Sustainability