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Analysis of Shear Wall and Bracings in Buildings with Irregular Plans

Earthquake is the natural disaster known to mankind from many years, hence there was a need to control the damage caused by earthquake to the buildings. Though there are many approaches to overcome from earthquake damage, but bracing system and shear wall is generally used. As per increase in urbanization as well as aesthetical demand, now-a-days there is increase in construction of building having horizontal irregularity. Buildings having irregularity in plan has more damage due to earthquake as compared to building having regular plan. In this project, we will analyze the performance of a Steel building of irregular plan with steel bracings and shear wall. The structure is modelled and analyzed in ETABS Software. The study show that X bracing and Inverted V bracings are better as compared to other types of bracings. Although X bracing and Inverted V Bracing shows similar results it is recommended to provide X bracing than shear wall and other bracings. The existing weight of building does not increase considerably after the use of steel bracings. Keywords - Steel Bracing, Shear Wall, Horizontal Irregularity, Seismic Analysis