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Research on Freeze-thaw Splitting Performance of Asphalt Mixture Commonly Used in Seasonal Freezing Area

The freezing-thawing cycle is a major contributor to asphalt pavement cracking in regions with seasonal freezing, particularly in northern areas. Enhancing the water stability of asphalt mixtures has been a significant challenge for researchers both domestically and internationally. In this paper, the issue is addressed by conducting freeze-thaw cycle tests under the meteorological temperature conditions of Shenyang during autumn and winter. Laboratory tests were performed to examine the variation in voidage and the decay pattern of splitting strength for SMA-13, SUP-20, and SUP-25 asphalt mixtures. Our findings indicate that SMA-13 asphalt mixture exhibits superior freeze-thaw splitting performance. Moreover, we observed a positive correlation between the porosity of the asphalt mixture and the number of freeze-thaw cycles, while the splitting strength demonstrated a negative correlation with the number of freeze-thaw cycles for all three types of asphalt mixtures. These research results provide valuable theoretical data to support the enhancement of water stability in asphalt mixtures. Keywords - Highway Engineering, Seasonal Freezing Area, Voidage, Freeze-Thaw Splitting Test