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Early-Age Activity Of Floor Concrete Slabs Made With GGBS As A Partial Replacement Of Cement

More than 80 million tonnes of blast furnace slag is generated annually as a by-product of the steel industry in China. Most ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) however ends up in low-grade applications such as cementitious materials in mortar. Blast furnace slag, ground to a suitable fineness, can be used as a partial replacement of cementitious material in structural concrete. This paper discussed the potential for using GGBS in floor concrete slabs. With 50% of CEM I cement replaced with GGBS, peak hydration temperatures determined in a suspended concrete slab reduced by 20%. This beneficiary effect however has not been further improved with 70% of CEM I replaced with GGBS. Partial replacement of CEM I with GGBS also has a retardation effect on the early-age strength of concrete, especially at an early age. Keywords- GGBS, thermal effect, sustainable construction