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Economical Analysis For Modernization of Kakrapar Right Bank Main Canal, India

In India at Ukai Kakrapar project, Gujarat to increase crop production, discharge carrying capacity of unlined canal has to be increased for which lining of the canal is proposed. For this it is proposed to line the existing canal as it is as one alternative. To reduce the frictional loss perimeter of canal cross section has to be kept minimum. In second alternative, the corners are rounded with depth increased by 20 cm. increases the velocity and also cross section area slightly to accommodate maximum discharge. Out of these two alternatives the first one takes care of water demand with lining of existing canal cross section as it is with higher B/C ratio but in second alternative the modified section is used in which discharge carrying capacity is more which is sufficient to take care of near future with slightly lower B/C ratio. It is therefore recommended to adopt second alternative of modified design for canal lining. Keywords— Design of Canal, Canal Lining, GCL, Culturable Command area, Field Channel.